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Find your local group

Each of our wonderful leaders offers groups in their own community and you can contact them directly using the details below. The cost of classes varies depending on location and group size. In some circumstances we are able to offer bursary places to women facing financial hardship.

Wondering what it's like?

Have a peek inside a Singing Mamas group and listen to mums talk about their experience in the short video here. 


What to expect

There are no solos, auditions or sheets of music. Just simple songs learnt by ear that will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted. You don't need any musical training or experience, and even if you think you 'can't sing' we'll show you that in the right group, you absolutely can and it feels great! Expect a warm welcome along with some tea and cake. 

Why we sing

There's so much evidence about the benefits of singing to people's physical and mental health. In fact, a researcher we work with ran a clinical trial that proved that group singing was more effective in treating post-natal depression than the usual forms of treatment! You'll lower your stress levels, improve your mood and increase your bond with your baby. 

How to join

Find the group nearest to you and get in touch with your local leader. You can text, WhatsApp, call or email (whatever works for you) and providing there's space in the group she'll arrange for you (and your little one/s if you have them) to come for a taster session. She'll be there to welcome you on the day, introduce you to the other women and get you a cuppa. 

Can't find a group in your area?

You can always sing at home using our FREE recorded sessions by clicking here. 

Or perhaps you could set a group up?! You don’t need to be musically trained or have experience, our training will take you step by step in how to lead singing in your own style, for your own community. You’ll be supported by a whole network of women and you could earn an income doing what you love in a way that fits around family life.

Train to Lead