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Commission Singing Mamas 'on prescription' 

An evidence-based approach to perinatal mental wellbeing

What's the evidence?

Group singing reduces symptoms of postnatal depression faster than the usual forms of treatment. These findings are taken from a 3-arm randomised control trial published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in February 2018 (authors D. Fancourt and R. Perkins).

The study highlighted that 73% mums who took part in a 10 week programme of group singing recovered from postnatal depression, and that participating mums also reported an increase in self-esteem, confidence and bonding.


How does it work?

The Singing Mamas approach uses the NHS 5 ways to mental wellbeing framework alongside the Maternal Mental Health Alliance guidelines for peer support as benchmarks for service delivery. In essence though;

● Singing improves breathing, posture and muscle tension and contributes to mothers’ physical wellbeing

● Singing releases endorphins which deliver pain relief and improved mood

● Singing reduces stress hormone levels, benefiting the immune system

● Singing stimulates cognitive function through learning new songs

● Singing helps forge social bonds particularly quickly, improving social networks
amongst mothers’

● Singing creates a positive shared experience between mother and infant and
increases mothers’ confidence in her parenting abilities

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